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I have enjoyed working with Keith Ahrens for the past three years. He always takes the initiative to contact me with updated information and materials that he feels our students in Milwaukee Public Schools would benefit from. Keith has an amazing personality that exhibits joy and enthusiasm and I always look forward to hearing from him.

Michelle Wade, Curriculum Specialist

Milwaukee Public Schools

Representing only the Best Products & Programs

As independent representatives we choose our companies and programs wisely.  We only offer the best products to school districts and teachers.  Our priority is to offer top-of-the-line reading, writing, literacy, Spanish intervention and teacher resources.  To do this, we represent eight outstanding companies in Wisconsin, Minnesota and/or Northern Illinois:

Over 30,000 Books from 300+ Publishers

Booksource provides the education market with the largest selection of new and classic titles and classroom collections. They currently have over 30,000 titles representing more than 300 publishers. And, their staff has the expertise to ensure that our customers get the right books based on their needs.

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Spark Curiosity; Ignite Learning

Capstone is a trusted publisher of children's media, including books, digital products, solutions and services, literacy programs, and K-12 professional development resources. We create content in a variety of print and digital formats for school libraries, classrooms, and at-home reading. Capstone ignites curiosity and imagination through the power of inspiring learning experiences.

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Dedicated to students' growth as critical thinkers who learn from, care for and respect one another

Collaborative Literacy programs for grades K-6 that includes reading, writing and social skill development while embedding professional learning and teacher effectiveness research that assists teachers in creating safe, supportive classrooms that are culturally responsive and rigorous.

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Standards-based Online Social Studies K-5 curriculum 

The answers to tomorrow's problems can't be found in the back of a textbook. The skills needed in the modern workplace aren't practiced on a worksheet. inquirED's standards-based curriculum develops the skills and builds the content knowledge students need to succeed.

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Reading & Literacy Instruction with Strong Lesson Plans in English & Spanish

Their award-winning and engaging materials give children a purpose for their reading and inspire further inquiry. With materials closely correlated to the new College and Career Readiness Standards, Okapi fulfills its mission of creating real-world literacy for real-world kids with real-world results.

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Professional Resources For Teachers, By Teachers

Stenhouse recognizes and embraces the complexity of teaching and learning. They are devoted to helping teachers inspire deep and creative thinking in their students and are guided by the following core beliefs:

  • All students can learn to think independently and critically.
  • Effective teaching is achievable at any level of experience and in any classroom environment.
  • Teachers make the best instructional decisions for the students in their care when they are equipped with knowledge, supported by colleagues, and respected as professionals.

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Reading Instruction & Literacy Collections

Sundance Publishing is a leader in the publishing of PreK–8 reading instructional materials and books for below-level readers in elementary and middle school. They also distribute K–6 trade paperbacks and teacher resources.

Newbridge Educational Publishing, is one of the nation’s leading publishers of supplemental materials for teachers of PreK–5+. Newbridge creates photo big books across the curriculum and is a leader in nonfiction guided reading in the content areas of social studies, science, and math.

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Critical Thinking Through Reading &Writing

We provide schools and districts with a common language for teaching literacy — specifically writing — across English language arts, social studies, science, or math and providing:

  • Common language for the entire team
  • Scaffolded approach for teaching writing across subjects
  • Streamlined process for developing students’ critical thinking skills

At the heart of every lesson is a flexible framework that teaches students how to construct a cohesive piece of writing. As students strengthen their writing skills, studies show they can achieve an average of two years of growth in a single school year.  

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Handwriting, Spelling, and Vocabulary Programs

Zaner-Bloser is driven by a singular mission: to support teachers with effective educational resources that make learning successful and joyful. They have been leaders in handwriting and word study programs for many years. They also have a wonderful writing, spelling and online tools for K-8 students and teachers.

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