Ahrens Education hopes to partner with you in providing the best educational products to support students.  With over 20 years of consulting and educational leadership experience, Ahrens Education represents only progressive companies who offer the best hands on and digital resources.  With the diversity and breath of each company we represent we have the ability to get you the right resource at the right time for the students you support.

Words From Our Customers

I have greatly enjoyed working with Keith Ahrens for the last 19 years. He is a knowledgeable, personable consultant who will take the time to understand your needs before making product recommendations. Keith works within the given budget and always goes the “extra mile” to ensure your satisfaction before, during, and after the sale.

Nan Bunnow, Continuous School Improvement Director

Appleton Area School District

Our Products and Services

Our company offers many different products and consultative services.


Our publishers provide research-based tools and systems that not only support the RTI (Response to Intervention) but also offer a wide array of intervention support through summer school packages, literacy intervention kits (in both English and Spanish), early reading intervention and at-home reading support.  Additionally, these resources come with comprehensive lesson planning support and professional development. 

Supplemental and Core Curriculum 

We offer you a number of supplemental and core programs for reading, writing, spelling, handwriting, grammar, social studies, science, and intervention with a number of companies we represent. We would be happy to send you links to these programs, research/white papers, user's list, and samples.  


We have selected companies that provide excellent products and include services and products that can save you significant time. From custom collections and shipment options to the organization of trade books in your classroom, we make it easy for you to get the right books to the right students.  We offer book collections as well as the ability to custom build your bookroom.

Reading & Writing Workshops

With access to several publishers, we are able to address both whole group requirements and differentiate for the needs of small groups and individuals.  We understand the importance of creating a reading and writing environment that facilitates improved literacy skills. Our reading and writing collections include a carefully selected mix of mentor and instructional texts to inspire reading and writing.

Professional Resources for Teachers

Stenhouse Publishing-- a publishing company whose catalogs include hundreds of professional books and videos on the most relevant topics in education written by teachers for teachers. 

Digital Programs and Trade Books

We have a inquiry-based digital Social Studies program called InquirEd. We also offer over 20,000 books in an e-book format. 


Combined Locks, WI